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Table of Contents

1 Introduction, Policy, Credits
1.0: What is XEmacs?
Q1.0.1: What is XEmacs?
Q1.0.2: What is the current version of XEmacs?
Q1.0.3: How do you pronounce XEmacs?
Q1.0.4: What does XEmacs look like?
Q1.0.5: Who wrote XEmacs?
Q1.0.6: Who wrote the FAQ?
1.1: Getting XEmacs
Q1.1.1: Where can I find XEmacs?
Q1.1.2: Are binaries available?
Q1.1.3: How do I get the bleeding-edge sources?
Q1.1.4: Where can I obtain a printed copy of the XEmacs User's Manual?
1.2: Versions for Different Operating Systems
Q1.2.1: Do I need X11 to run XEmacs?
Q1.2.2: What versions of Unix does XEmacs run on?
Q1.2.3: Is there a port of XEmacs to Microsoft Windows?
Q1.2.4: Can I build XEmacs on MS Windows with X support? Do I need to?
Q1.2.5: What are Cygwin and MinGW, and do I need them to run XEmacs?
Q1.2.6: What are the differences between the various MS Windows emacsen?
Q1.2.7: How does the port cope with differences in the Windows user interface?
Q1.2.8: Is there a port of XEmacs to the Macintosh?
Q1.2.9: Is there a port of XEmacs to MS-DOS?
Q1.2.10: Is there a port of XEmacs to OS/2?
Q1.2.11: Is there a port of XEmacs to NextStep?
Q1.2.12: Is there a port of XEmacs to VMS?
1.3: Getting Started
Q1.3.1: What is an `init.el' or `.emacs' and is there a sample one?
Q1.3.2: Where do I put my `init.el' file?
Q1.3.3: Can I use the same `init.el' with the other Emacs?
Q1.3.4: Any good XEmacs tutorials around?
Q1.3.5: May I see an example of a useful XEmacs Lisp function?
Q1.3.6: And how do I bind it to a key?
Q1.3.7: What's the difference between a macro and a function?
Q1.3.8: What is Custom?
1.4: Getting Help
Q1.4.1: Where can I get help?
Q1.4.2: Which mailing lists are there?
Q1.4.3: Where are the mailing lists archived?
Q1.4.4: How can I get two instances of info?
Q1.4.5: How do I add new Info directories?
1.5: Contributing to XEmacs
Q1.5.1: How do I submit changes to the FAQ?
Q1.5.2: How do I become a beta tester?
Q1.5.3: How do I contribute to XEmacs itself?
Q1.5.4: How do I get started developing XEmacs?
Q1.5.5: What's the basic layout of the code?
1.6: Politics (XEmacs vs. GNU Emacs)
Q1.6.1: What is GNU Emacs?
Q1.6.2: How does XEmacs differ from GNU Emacs?
Q1.6.3: How much does XEmacs differ?
Q1.6.4: Is XEmacs "GNU"?
Q1.6.5: What is the correct way to refer to XEmacs and GNU Emacs?
Q1.6.6: Why haven't XEmacs and GNU Emacs merged?
1.7: External Packages
Q1.7.1: What is the package system?
Q1.7.2: Which external packages are there?
Q1.7.3: Do I need to have the packages to run XEmacs?
Q1.7.4: Is there a way to find which package has particular functionality?
1.8: Internationalization
Q1.8.1: What is the status of internationalization support aka MULE (including Asian language support)?
Q1.8.2: How can I help with internationalization?
Q1.8.3: How do I type non-ASCII characters?
Q1.8.4: Can XEmacs messages come out in a different language?
Q1.8.5: Please explain the various input methods in MULE/XEmacs
Q1.8.6: How do I portably code for MULE/XEmacs?
Q1.8.7: How about Cyrillic modes?
Q1.8.8: Does XEmacs support Unicode?
Q1.8.9: How does XEmacs display Unicode?
2 Installation and Troubleshooting
2.0: Installation (General)
Q2.0.1: How do I build and install XEmacs?
Q2.0.2: Where do I find external libraries?
Q2.0.3: How do I specify the paths that XEmacs uses for finding files?
Q2.0.4: Running XEmacs without installing
Q2.0.5: XEmacs is too big
2.1: Package Installation
Q2.1.1: How do I install the packages?
Q2.1.2: Can I install the packages individually?
Q2.1.3: Can I install the packages automatically?
Q2.1.4: Can I upgrade or remove packages?
Q2.1.5: Which packages to install?
Q2.1.6: Can you describe the package location process in more detail?
Q2.1.7: EFS fails with "500 AUTH not understood" (NEW)
2.2: Unix/Mac OS X Installation (Also Relevant to Cygwin, MinGW)
Q2.2.1: Libraries in non-standard locations
Q2.2.2: Why can't I strip XEmacs?
Q2.2.3: X11/bitmaps/gray (or other X11-related file) not found.
2.3: Windows Installation (Windows, Cygwin, MinGW)
Q2.3.1: What exactly are all the different ways to build XEmacs under Windows?
Q2.3.2: What compiler/libraries do I need to compile XEmacs?
Q2.3.3: How do I compile the native port?
Q2.3.4: What do I need for Cygwin?
Q2.3.5: How do I compile under Cygwin?
Q2.3.6: How do I compile using MinGW (aka `the -mno-cygwin flag to gcc')?
Q2.3.7: How do I compile with X support?
Q2.3.8: Cygwin XEmacs won't start -- cygXpm-noX4.dll was not found (NEW)
2.4: General Troubleshooting
Q2.4.1: How do I deal with bugs or with problems building, installing, or running?
Q2.4.2: Help! XEmacs just crashed on me!
Q2.4.3: XEmacs crashes and I compiled it myself.
Q2.4.4: How to debug an XEmacs problem with a debugger
Q2.4.5: I get a cryptic error message when trying to do something.
Q2.4.6: XEmacs hangs when I try to do something.
Q2.4.7: I get an error message when XEmacs is running in batch mode.
Q2.4.8: The keyboard or mouse is not working properly, or I have some other event-related problem.
Q2.4.9: C-g doesn't work for me. Is it broken?
Q2.4.10: How do I debug process-related problems?
Q2.4.11: XEmacs is outputting lots of X errors.
Q2.4.12: After upgrading, XEmacs won't do `foo' any more!
2.5: Startup-Related Problems
Q2.5.1: XEmacs cannot connect to my X Terminal!
Q2.5.2 Startup problems related to paths or package locations.
Q2.5.3: XEmacs won't start without network.
Q2.5.4: Startup warnings about deducing proper fonts?
Q2.5.5: Warnings from incorrect key modifiers.
Q2.5.6: XEmacs 21.1 on Windows used to spawn an ugly console window on every startup. Has that been fixed?
3 Editing Functions
3.0: The Keyboard
Q3.0.1: How can I customize the keyboard?
Q3.0.2: How can I bind complex functions (or macros) to keys?
Q3.0.3: How do I bind C-. and C-; to scroll one line up and down?
Q3.0.4: Globally binding Delete?
Q3.0.5: How to map Help key alone on Sun type4 keyboard?
Q3.0.6: How can you type in special characters in XEmacs?
Q3.0.7: Can I turn on sticky modifier keys?
Q3.0.8: How do I map the arrow keys?
Q3.0.9: HP Alt key as Meta.
Q3.0.10: Why does edt emulation not work?
Q3.0.11: How can I emulate VI and use it as my default mode?
3.1: The Mouse
Q3.1.1: How can I turn off Mouse pasting?
Q3.1.2: How do I set control/meta/etc modifiers on mouse buttons?
Q3.1.3: Clicking the left button does not do anything in buffer list.
Q3.1.4: How can I get a list of buffers when I hit mouse button 3?
Q3.1.5: How can I set XEmacs up so that it pastes where the text cursor is?
3.2: Buffers, Text Editing
Q3.2.1: Can I have the end of the buffer delimited in some way?
Q3.2.2: How do I insert today's date into a buffer?
Q3.2.3: How do I get a single minibuffer frame?
Q3.2.4: How can I enable auto-indent and/or Filladapt?
Q3.2.5: How can I get XEmacs to come up in text/auto-fill mode by default?
3.3: Text Selections
Q3.3.1: How do I select a rectangular region?
Q3.3.2: How can I turn off or change highlighted selections?
Q3.3.3: How do I cause typing on an active region to remove it?
Q3.3.4: Can I turn off the highlight during isearch?
Q3.3.5: Why is killing so slow?
Q3.3.6: Why does M-w take so long?
3.4: Editing Source Code
Q3.4.1: I do not like cc-mode. How do I use the old c-mode?
Q3.4.2: How do you make XEmacs indent CL if-clauses correctly?
4 Display Functions
4.0: Textual Fonts and Colors
Q4.0.1: How do I specify a font?
Q4.0.2: How do I set the text, menu and modeline fonts?
Q4.0.3: How can I set color options from `init.el'?
Q4.0.4: How can I set the colors when highlighting a region?
Q4.0.5: How can I limit color map usage?
Q4.0.6: My tty supports color, but XEmacs doesn't use them.
Q4.0.7: Can I have pixmap backgrounds in XEmacs?
Q4.0.8: How do I display non-ASCII characters?
Q4.0.9: Font selections in don't get saved after Save Options.
4.1: Syntax Highlighting (Font Lock)
Q4.1.1: How can I do source code highlighting using font-lock?
Q4.1.2: How do I get `More' Syntax Highlighting on by default?
4.2: The Modeline
Q4.2.1: How can I make the modeline go away?
Q4.2.2: How do you have XEmacs display the line number in the modeline?
Q4.2.3: How do I get XEmacs to put the time of day on the modeline?
Q4.2.4: How can I change the modeline color based on the mode used?
4.3: The Cursor
Q4.3.1: Is there a way to make the bar cursor thicker?
Q4.3.2: Is there a way to get back the block cursor?
Q4.3.3: Can I make the cursor blink?
4.4: The Menubar
Q4.4.1: How do I get rid of the menubar?
Q4.4.2: How can I customize the menubar?
Q4.4.3: How do I enable use of the keyboard (Alt) to access menu items?
Q4.4.4: How do I control how many buffers are listed in the menu Buffers List?
Q4.4.5: Resources like Emacs*menubar*font are not working?
4.5: The Toolbar
Q4.5.1: How do I get rid of the toolbar?
Q4.5.2: How can I customize the toolbar?
Q4.5.3: How can I bind a key to a function to toggle the toolbar?
Q4.5.4: `Can't instantiate image error...' in toolbar
4.6: Scrollbars and Scrolling
Q4.6.1: How can I disable the scrollbar?
Q4.6.2: How can I change the scrollbar width?
Q4.6.3: How can I use resources to change scrollbar colors?
Q4.6.4: Moving the scrollbar can move the point; can I disable this?
Q4.6.5: Scrolling one line at a time.
Q4.6.6: How can I turn off automatic horizontal scrolling in specific modes?
Q4.6.7: I find auto-show-mode disconcerting. How do I turn it off?
4.7: The Gutter Tabs, The Progress Bar, Widgets
Q4.7.1: How can I disable the gutter tabs?
Q4.7.2: How can I disable the progress bar?
Q4.7.3: There are bugs in the gutter or widgets.
Q4.7.4: How can I customize the gutter or gutter tabs?
5 Interfacing with the Operating System and External Devices
5.0: X Window System and Resources
Q5.0.1: Where is a list of X resources?
Q5.0.2: How can I detect a color display?
Q5.0.3: How can I get the icon to just say `XEmacs'?
Q5.0.4: How can I have the window title area display the full path?
Q5.0.5: `xemacs -name junk' doesn't work?
Q5.0.6: `-iconic' doesn't work.
5.1: Microsoft Windows
Q5.1.1: Does XEmacs rename all the `win32-*' symbols to `w32-*'?
Q5.1.2: How do I get Windows Explorer to associate a file type with XEmacs?
Associating a new file type with XEmacs.
Associating an existing file type with XEmacs.
5.2: Printing
Q5.2.1: What do I need to change to make printing work?
Q5.2.2: How can I print WYSIWYG a font-locked buffer?
Q5.2.3: Getting M-x lpr to work with postscript printer.
Q5.2.4: Can you print under MS Windows?
5.3: Sound
Q5.3.1: How do I turn off the sound?
Q5.3.2: How do I get funky sounds instead of a boring beep?
Q5.3.3: What are NAS and ESD (EsounD)?
Q5.3.4: Sunsite sounds don't play.
5.4: Running an Interior Shell, Invoking Subprocesses
Q5.4.1: What is an interior shell?
Q5.4.2: How do I start up a second shell buffer?
Q5.4.3: Telnet from shell filters too much
Q5.4.4: Strange things are happening in Shell Mode.
Q5.4.5: XEmacs complains "No such file or directory, diff"
Q5.4.6: Cygwin error "fork_copy: linked dll/bss pass 0 failed"
5.5: Multiple Device Support
Q5.5.1: How do I open a frame on another screen of my multi-headed display?
Q5.5.2: Can I really connect to a running XEmacs after calling up over a modem? How?
Q5.5.3: How do I disable gnuserv from opening a new frame?
Q5.5.4: How do I start gnuserv so that each subsequent XEmacs is a client?
Q5.5.5: Is there a way to start a new XEmacs if there's no gnuserv running, and otherwise use gnuclient?
6 Connecting to the Internet
6.0: General Mail and News
Q6.0.1: What are the various packages for reading mail?
Q6.0.2: How can I send mail?
Q6.0.3: How do I get my outgoing mail archived?
Q6.0.4: How can I read and/or compose MIME messages?
Q6.0.5: How do I customize the From line?
Q6.0.6: How do I get my MUA to filter mail for me?
Q6.0.7: Remote mail reading with an MUA.
Q6.0.8: An MUA gets an error incorporating new mail.
Q6.0.9: Why isn't `movemail' working?
Q6.0.10: How do I make my MUA display graphical smilies?
Q6.0.11: How can I get those oh-so-neat X-Face lines?
6.1: Reading Mail with VM
Q6.1.1: How do I set up VM to retrieve mail from a remote site using POP?
Q6.1.2: How can I get VM to automatically check for new mail?
Q6.1.3: I have various addresses at which I receive mail. How can I tell VM to ignore them when doing a "reply-all"?
Q6.1.4: Is there a mailing list or FAQ for VM?
Q6.1.5: How do I make VM stay in a single frame?
Q6.1.6: Customization of VM not covered in the manual, or here.
6.2: Reading Netnews and Mail with Gnus
Q6.2.1: GNUS, (ding) Gnus, Gnus 5, September Gnus, Red Gnus, Quassia Gnus, argh!
Q6.2.2: How do I make Gnus stay within a single frame?
6.3: FTP Access
Q6.3.1: Can I edit files on other hosts?
Q6.3.2: What is EFS?
6.4: Web Browsing with W3
Q6.4.1: What is W3?
Q6.4.2: How do I run W3 from behind a firewall?
Q6.4.3: Is it true that W3 supports style sheets and tables?
7 Advanced Customization Using XEmacs Lisp
7.0: Emacs Lisp and `init.el'
Q7.0.1: What version of Emacs am I running?
Q7.0.2: How can I evaluate Emacs-Lisp expressions?
Q7.0.3: (setq tab-width 6) behaves oddly.
Q7.0.4: How can I add directories to the load-path?
Q7.0.5: How to check if a lisp function is defined?
Q7.0.6: Can I force the output of (face-list) to a buffer?
7.1: Emacs Lisp Programming Techniques
Q7.1.1: What is the difference in key sequences between XEmacs and GNU Emacs?
Q7.1.2: Can I generate "fake" keyboard events?
Q7.1.3: Could you explain read-kbd-macro in more detail?
Q7.1.4: What is the performance hit of let?
Q7.1.5: What is the recommended use of setq?
Q7.1.6: What is the typical misuse of setq?
Q7.1.7: I like the do form of cl, does it slow things down?
Q7.1.8: I like recursion, does it slow things down?
Q7.1.9: How do I put a glyph as annotation in a buffer?
Q7.1.10: map-extents won't traverse all of my extents!
Q7.1.11: My elisp program is horribly slow. Is there an easy way to find out where it spends time?
7.2: Mathematics
Q7.2.1: What are bignums, ratios, and bigfloats in Lisp?
Q7.2.2: XEmacs segfaults when I use very big numbers!
Q7.2.3: Bignums are really slow!
Q7.2.4: Equal bignums don't compare as equal! What gives?
8 Other External Packages
8.0: TeX
Q8.0.1: Is there something better than LaTeX mode?
Q8.0.2: What is AUCTeX? Where do you get it?
Q8.0.3: Problems installing AUCTeX.
Q8.0.4: How do I turn off current chapter from AUCTeX modeline?
8.1: Other Unbundled Packages
Q8.1.1: Is there a reason for an Emacs package not to be included in XEmacs?
Q8.1.2: Are there any Emacs Lisp Spreadsheets?
Q8.1.3: Is there a MatLab mode?
8.2: Environments Built Around XEmacs
Q8.2.1: What are SPARCworks, EOS, and WorkShop?
Q8.2.2: How do I start the Sun Workshop support in XEmacs 21?
Q8.2.3: What is/was Energize?
Q8.2.4: What is Infodock?
9 What the Future Holds
9.0: Changes
Q9.0.1: What new features will be in XEmacs soon?
Q9.0.2: What's new in XEmacs 21.4?
User-visible changes in XEmacs 21.4
Lisp and internal changes in XEmacs 21.4
Q9.0.3: What's new in XEmacs 21.1?
User-visible changes in XEmacs 21.1
Lisp and internal changes in XEmacs 21.1
Q9.0.4: What's new in XEmacs 20.4?
Q9.0.5: What's new in XEmacs 20.3?
Q9.0.6: What's new in XEmacs 20.2?
10 New information about old XEmacsen
10.0: XEmacs 21.1
Q10.0.1: Gnus 5.10 won't display smileys in XEmacs 21.1.
Q10.0.2: XEmacs won't start on Windows in XEmacs 21.1.

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