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XEmacs Home Page for Andrew Cosgriff

This is the XEmacs home page for Andrew Cosgriff, one of the developers of XEmacs.

He can be reached at <andrew.cosgriff@xemacs.org>, as well as <ajc@xemacs.org>.

When not helping maintain the XEmacs website, Andrew is a Network Software Engineer(tm) for Monash University in Australia, maintaining webservers and doing random other things. As well as spending spare time being an Eager Young Space Cadet and fiddling with XEmacs/Gnus et. al., he spends his time pursuing, among other things, a Life. Some of this currently involves doing an A-Z (by country) of restaurants with friends, and has, in the past, involved dyeing his hair various colours (see http://www-personal.monash.edu.au/~ajc/).

Contributions to XEmacs:

Former XEmacs web site maintainer.


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