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XEmacs Home Page for David Moore

This is the XEmacs home page for David Moore, one of the developers of XEmacs.

He can be reached at <david.moore@xemacs.org>, as well as <dmoore@xemacs.org>.

David is a student in the Computer Systems Laboratory at UCSD. When he manages to have free time, he usually spends it on 200 mile bicycle rides, learning German or showing people the best mail & news environment he's found in 10 years. (That'd be XEmacs, Gnus and bbdb, of course.) He can be found at `druidmuck.egbt.org 4201' at various hours of the day.

His personal home page is at http://oj.egbt.org/dmoore/.

Contributions to XEmacs:

David has contributed greatly to the quest to speed up XEmacs.


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